Sell your Cards


Sell your cards to Contemporary Nook! The LGS with the best and fairest appraisal prices for your collection.  

Buylist prices:

  • P3 per piece for bulk rares
  • P.10/bulk commons and uncommon


Fast Moving Staples:

Cash - Cardkingdom Buylist x P25-35 (depending on card condition)

  • Near Mint x25
  • Lightly Played x23
  • Moderately Payed x20
  • Heavily Played-Damaged x10-15 depending on severity of damage and if sleeve and tournament playable

Store credit - Cardkingdom Buylist xP35-40 (card condition basis)


Slow Moving Cards (Low Demand)

  • Cash - Cardkingdom Buylist x P15-20
  • Store credit - Cardkingdom Buylist x P25-35 (card condition basis)


Big Collections worth P10k or more - If you’re looking for fast cash for your large collection)

  • Cardkingdom Buylist x P20
  • Cards under $3 are free


Why are the buying prices lower than market prices?


As a local gaming store who maintains a storefront or physical store we have overhead costs, rental payments, and manpower costs. We help the community by circulating and selling cards at fair if not steal prices during our sale events and promotions.


Do you have consignment options if I don't want to sell my cards at buylist prices?


Yes! We can work out a consignment deal. Our team will do the inventory of your cards, prepare them in Google sheet, and then published to our social media channels.

Sales review can be done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. You can review the sales in real time by submitting a request through our Facebook messenger or by visiting the store. 

Your cards will primarily be sold at PHP Cardkingdom x 50-55, or at the rate you originally submitted. However, we advise that you sell them at better or lower pricing to ensure faster movement. Once done, we will take care of promoting your products and singles. Very easy and hassle-free on your part! Let us take care of the rest.

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